• The products, services and prices, which are published on Vitocare.net shall be regarded as offer.
    This offer is made however under the (resolutive) condition of an impossibility to deliver or an erroneous price quotation.
  • The contract is concluded as soon as the customer places his order at the online store, by phone or email.
  • Online orders will be confirmed by an automatically generated E-Mail.
  • The receipt of an auto-generated order confirmation is no promise that the product is actually available and can be delivered.
    It only indicates to the customer that the order has arrived at VitoCare and that the contract (which is still under the resolutive condition of the missing availability) has been concluded.
  • If any of the above (resolutive) conditions occur, the contract is immediately and automatically canceled, with prompt information of the customer.
    If the products have already been delivered, the property automatically falls back to VitoCare.